The Empire comes to Forbidden Planet!

Now I have to admit I’ve only got into models in the last few years but I’m definitely starting to get into them in a big way. One of my faves is a Han Solo bust by Gentle Gentle. Now although I probably wouldn’t pick this up I can bet there are few of you stormtrooper nuts who might be interested in popping down to Forbidden Planet London on Friday 24th Octoboy at 5.00pm. Take a look below to see why!

I think we're going to need a bigger gun!

You will only be able to pick up this bad boy Galactic Marine from Forbidden Planet! There is also no pre-order available so if you want one you may have to pull out a few Jedi mind tricks to get one.

May the Force be with you in your quest.

GS Reporter: The Nuge

Source: Forbidden Planet

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