I just got the heads up  from Jack Kibble-White the co-author of the hardback edition of  THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF CLASSIC SATURDAY NIGHT TELLY with news that the book is soon to be released in paperback.
Now maybe to us geeks a book on the subject of Saturday night telly might seem quite mainstream but not so according Jack
There are plenty of geeks out there who are as interested in their Beadle as they are in their Battlestar (being one of the people behind I can wholeheartedly count myself within that substrata). 
 I have to say this was a nice coindence as I’ve been to TV cream’s website (which I recommend you checking out if you’re a fan of old school tv, movies etc) to do research for some of our old school  main features for the podcast.
 Some of the series we can expect to find in the book are Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, Bugs, Crime Traveller and of course Doctor Who.
Stay tuned for more infomation on when the book is due out.
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  1. Sounds good – I used to be on TV Cream and the like loads back in my uni days (was it really 10 years ago I started there). The only thing I find about these nostalgia books is that they tend to pretty much go “remember this, and this, and THIS!” without having much substance. Hopefully this will be different.

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