The end of Fringe as we know it?

Fox might be up to their old trick of messing around with shows that might not need any messing! The target this time is “Fringe”, Fox want to make the show more Teenager friendly to tap into a audience that isn’t watching it.

FOX execs said:

We are trying to re-brand Friday, and what we’re trying to do with this show specifically is make it kind of like forbidden fruit. We want that teen demographic that might not be our audience right now to say, “this is a show my parents might not want me to watch — but I’m going to watch it, anyway.”

I see a floor in their plan! If you make the show into a more teen friendly/orientated show then you are changing what the show is, which could lead to the audience you already have jumping off it. therefore defeating the reasoning behind their plan of bringing in my watchers!

Also it’s a good thing to note that Fringe does not have and teenager characters. So expect Walter’s long lost illegitimate rebellious teenage daughter to turn up soon!

I Give Fringe half a season before Fox cancel it all together. This will lead to 1000’s of geeks crying out in anger.

Source: TVOvermind

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