The Expendables 2 Game Footage Leaked?

 I didn’t even know they were doing an Expendables 2 game…did anyone else?

This tie-in to the upcoming film, which stars just about every old school action hero you can think of, is rumored to be release as a XBLA and PSN title. To add weight to this rumour a video of supposed gameplay has been leaked online.

At first glance the gameplay looks a little repetitive (in the short amount of actual gameplay we saw) and old school but hey I’m a fan of old school shooters, like Commando and Mercs(anyone remember those?) . If the price isn’t too high, if it has co-op multiplayer and I can play as chuck Norris then I’d be willing to shed a few Microsoft points to take a look.

What do you lot think?

GS Reporter: Nuge

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