The Expendables – Trailer 2

The best way to sum up this film and new trailer is one of the comments I saw on youtube regarding it.

any more testosterone in this movie and I think the film would explode.

Nuff said really. If that’s doesn’t do for you then for the love of god check out the poster!

My only gripe is that they couldn’t fit Chuck Norris in there but hey there’s always Expendables 2

GS Reporter: Nuge

Source: Youtube/IGN

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One comment

  1. Now, what I’m really glad about is that Terry Crews is going to get some more shine because of this film. I wonder if even more cameos are in store for this film. Chuck Norris should pop in and throw a flying kick. I’d love that! Damn, this makes me smile.

    The only thing I didn’t like about this trailer is that it’s mysterious. One movie I don’t need to me mysterious is an action flick. I thought this would be a longer version of the first trailer. Still, my heart’s going pitter-patter.

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