The Facts on Bungie’s Upcoming Game, ‘Destiny’

Destiny_Logo_zps67e10604The time for wondering is over. Destiny, the highly anticipated title developed by Bungie and published by Activision, has been detailed.

Unlike their beloved Halo series, Destiny is described as a “shared world shooter.” It is an MMOFPS, so you’ve got your campaign all mixed up in your multiplayer. A decent example of how Destiny will work might be similar to the co-op mode of a game like Borderlands 2. As you play, others can drop in or out.

Destiny will have your character, a human classified as a Guardian, harness the power given to him/her by The Traveler, an alien force within a giant sphere, hovering above the ruins of Earth.

The different classes of Guardian include Warlock, Hunter, and Titan. Those are basically a magician, sniper/stealth, and tank class, respectively. Your character is not confined to Earth. Guardians will be able to travel out of orbit, taking a craft all over the solar system and possibly engaging in space battles.


Destiny is not only coming out for the current gen PlayStation (a Bungie game on PlayStation?) and Xbox, but also on the next gen consoles, whatever they may be called. There is some possibility for a PC version as well.


If you want a little bit more, here’s Bungie’s first video doc for Destiny.

Destiny may come out in 2013, but that seems unlikely at the moment. Stick with us as more content is revealed.

Reporter: Vichus Smith
Sources: IGN, Bungie

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