TV REVIEW: The Fades #3: Spoiler free review

The third episode of The Fades showcases all the characters  and delivers on all levels

This series just goes from strength to strength and this episode once again builds on the mythology of the show and also the humour with a great first scene that will leave you with a smile on your face.

Paul begins to discover more of his Angelic powers with some surprising results and a lot more of his family life is seen. The character building does not stop there either as Mac is given some excellent screen time in this episode. It really is starting to feel like a bromance that you truly believe in and at times feel sorry for especially as Paul’s romance with Jay really starts to build.

Then we get introduced to a wider group of characters who I am sure will play a big part in the coming weeks. This show is starting to have a similar feel to the American show Supernatural. The whole hunter theme is felt in The Fades.

Overall this episode gives screen time to just about every character in the show and then some and also sees the sexual references increase quite a lot in various forms.

Another well written episode that just proves that the UK still produces some of the best drama on TV.


GS Reporter: Montoya

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