The Fades are coming: Meet the creator

Want to know more about The Fades starting on September 21st on BBC Three, who better than the writer Jack Thorne to tell us.

Jack Thorne is probably most known as the writer of This is England 86 but a few years ago he was asked what ideas he had and this was something that he wanted to try.

Based on the first episode we can see how well drawn the characters are and how good the plot is. The relationship between Paul and Mac is superbly geeky and loving all at the same time. This is the core of The Fades, how will these two help each other in this new dangerous world they have discovered.

Now who better than Jack himself to tell us about what The Fades is.

“The Fades is a fantasy horror series about 17-year-old Paul (Iain De Caestecker) who becomes embroiled in a battle between the living and the dead. But fundamentally I think The Fades is a love story between Mac (Daniel Kaluuya) and Paul. As a kid I didn’t have a best friend that I could share everything with and could be a team with, and this show is about a kid that’s got one – it’s a love story about two best friends.

“Our lead Fade has learnt how to touch and he can kill. In the beginning of episode one he has crossed a line and is now able to touch and we follow him as he gets more and more corporeal and more able to cause damage to human beings, and kill. And we look how humankind responds to this.

The first episode has done a great job of showing us the fades in both a gentle and very frightening light. Clever use of shadows and lighting is put to good work.

“My inspiration for the series came from the sort of books I read as a kid. I grew up not reading comic books but fantasy novels. The novelist that was most important to me was probably Susan Cooper. How she writes, and what interests me, is less the sort of super hero fantasy that seems quite prevalent at the moment, and perhaps more old school – she writes about ordinary people in extraordinary situations as opposed to extraordinary people in ordinary situations.”

The show makes good use of these inspirations in the form of Mac and his geek references. There is even a shout out to Susan Cooper during the episode.

“What makes The Fades different is that it is a fantasy show rather than a science fiction show. It’s about fairly ordinary people, none of these people act or behave like they’re superheroes. It’s about the world being fantastical. In episode one people have light coming out of their chests, insects crawling out of their mouths and fight spirits that are seemingly not there. The Fades is about the world itself being an extraordinary thing and how you battle it. This old school fantasy element – combined with some pretty original characters – is I hope is what will make people want to watch.”

All the characters have great actors playing them and there is a good grounding in the real world for them to play with. You will find yourself being fully invested in the Paul and Mac and Neil right from the start.

Producer Caroline Skinner has told SFX that writer Jack Thorne has a three year plan.

“In our heads Jack and I have always talked about it being at least three series,” she says. “He’s got a trilogy of stories all in mind if we ever get that far… I hope so. If only I could predict. Everybody at the BBC seems very happy with it. And obviously we’re gearing up out Twitter, Facebook and YouTube presence. So get on YouTube, get on Facebook, get on Twitter and campaign!”


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