TV REVIEW: The Fades – Season Finale & Look Back at the series

By now all of you should have seen the last episode of The Fades. Let’s talk about that and also the series as a whole. (Spoilers ahead)

The race is on to stop The Fades once and for all as everyone steps into the roles for the final showdown.

We start with Mac’s intro but this time it is filled with fear and dread and it really does set up the rest of the episode. Mac has been kidnapped by Neil who is using Mac to make Paul face his nemesis John for their inevitable confrontation.

John has rounded up his gang of immortal Fades and knows that the key to survival is killing Paul but not all agree with him on this. Meanwhile Paul joins together with Alice to try and reopen Accession by using his powers. At first it seems promising but then we see that it is a nearly impossible task.

Sarah and Mark are found together in bed in what starts as a passionate bit of sex but turns violent when Sarah starts to feel her hunger. I love watching Natalie play this character as it seems so tortured and hopeful at the same time.

Neil takes more drastic measures by holding Paul’s family and Jay at gunpoint to force Paul to help him. This really shows that we never know how far Neil will go to serve the cause. He is a fanatic and it means you never know what he is going to do next.

Sarah finds herself drawn to John who tries to seduce her with stories from the bible to bring her to his cause. This is where Sarah really shines in her conflict with her hunger verses what she knows is coming.

All the pieces are falling in place for the showdown when Neil plays his toughest card yet to force Paul to help. This was one of the most shocking scenes in the whole series and really shows that anything can happen.

As Paul, Neil and Alice head over to the Mayor’s office to confront John we also find that Neil has locked Mac and Anna in a cargo container with hungry Fades desperate to break in and devour them. It is here that we get some of the only light moments in the whole episode and what I am sure will play into future episodes if we get a series 2. Both the actors give a terrific performance in a short time.

At the Mayor’s office there is a 3 ways stand off between Paul, John and Neil with Sarah and Alice giving great scenes of conflict. It is here that we find out that it all needs to go back where it all started in episode 1 at the abandoned shopping mall. With Paul now having a plan he heads over to the mall to try to open the accession point there and we get a real sense of full circle from the start of the series and also the horrifying visions seen throughout the series.

This is the showdown we have been waiting for and Paul knows he is going to die but not without a fight. From this moment on you start to hold your breath and just watch with excitement and dread as the final moments play out.

We end on a an amazing high that closes off the series arc but also gives a jaw dropping ending that screams out for second series.

Overall this was an excellent series finale which highlights both the writing and the actors by giving their best performances.


So now that the series has ended what was our overall feeling on it all?.

From the start in Episode one you get a real sense of realism knowing that these are real people in real locations and real scenarios that make it very easy to connect with and that is all down to firstly the excellent writing by Thorne and with the cast brining their characters to life.

We get a real pay off after 6 episodes and it has an ending but it also has a potential for a second series so even we are deprived of this we can still enjoy what we have seen and remember it as a great six part drama.

I am pleased that nearly everyone got their time to shine but still a shame for characters like Mark and Helen which was a unfortunate but I cannot fault the dedication of what the rest of the cast put into their roles. Not everyone survives the series and this is what British TV does so well. You will never find an American show taking as many risks as we see in this series.

This show had a great sense of comedy and geekness and horror and manages to work in all three categories. How is this possible, I said it before but the writing is superb and then add in high class drama with the intensity of Neil’s character and you have one of the most powerful and exciting shows to come out of the BBC in a while.

You also never know who is good or bad as there so many grey lines here and a show that makes you switch loyalties every so often must be doing something right.

Bottom line, this show deserves to get a series 2 as it is one of the best things to come out of the BBC, no wait the UK, for a while. So what can you do about it? Help the cause join up here at Geeky Girls Love Scifi for the petition for a series 2 of The Fades because you know it’s inevitable. Or join the facebook site here. OR DO BOTH……

The Fades series 2: Its Inevitable……


GS Reporter: Montoya

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  1. Why doesn’t Neil ascend?

    • sonia /

      He’s not a Fade, Angeliques don’t ascend.

      • Kristina Bennett /

        Neil did not ascend because he didn’t die. Helen was an Angelic and when she died she ascended.

  2. Kristina Bennett /

    Loved the series. Not quite sure what was happening at the end. Really hoping for a second season. FYI I am pretty sure it’s ascension not accession.

  3. Morrigane /

    And what´s your opinion about the final? The image where Neil says ” I told him you don´t fuck with the ascension” makes me think… Did Paul save the world with the ascension or everything was inevitable? Thanks!

    • geeksyndicate /

      Hmm I’m still not sure what to make of the ending other than I loved it and it’s a shame we won’t see a series 2. The way I saw Neil’s comment was that Paul had kinda of saved the world but in doing so he had made matters much, much worse.

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