The Falcon Takes Flight in First Image from Captain America:The Winter Solider

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is shaping up to be a really cool looking film. Now we get to see the Falcon in costume.

First of all The Winter Soldier is one of my favorite story lines ever in Captain America and I really hope they do this justice in the film. From some of the concept art we have seen it looks like it will be a full on film with lots of other heroes making an appearance including the Falcon.

The concept art above shows a very low-key costume with none of the color scheme from the comics which is fine but then we get to see the actual costume (minus the CGI wings) and I have to say MEH!

Yes Anthony Mackie is a great casting choice for Falcon but this costume just looks like another boring SHIELD outfit. Come on Marvel don’t let us down.  Put some red in there at least or even on the wings.

Anyway see below and then check out the rest HERE.

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Source: CBR
Reporter: Montoya

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