The First Avenger gets Three Posters

Captain America has been going up and down my watch list like a yo-yo this year due to other films jumping in and out of my radar and Chris Evans seems to come off a bit weak in all his interviews for this film. However I am hoping that Joe Johnston can pull off the same period visual treat he gave us for The Rocketeer.

Marvel have just released 3 new banners of which 2 I approve but I think the Red Skull looks a bit panto. I liked the idea that they keep something back and not spoil it too much. Yes I know there have been other pics but here he is looking right at the camera and somehow it feels off. Also what is that face that Evans is pulling under his mask? Click on the jump for all three posters.

SOURCE: Geek Tyrant, Cine Marcado
GS Reporter: Montoya

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