The Fly…The Opera!

Rueters reports that famed movie director, David Cronenberg is now trying his hand at Opera. He has remade his 1986 remake of The Fly into a full opera with the help of Howard Shore, The LA Opera Orchestra and it’s director, Placido Domingo. Domingo commissioned a version of the movie made a couple months ago and Cronenberg was happy to oblige. Unlike the movie, there will be a lot more twists and turns.

Now while I’ve seen made horror films turn into musicals (from the atrocious Carrie to the brilliant Evil Dead, The Musical ) and in turn inspired what seems to be a new “horror opera” resurgence thanks to REPO: The Genetic Opera, I think Cronenberg taking the reigns has been a positive force in solidifying the movement. I hope to see an operatic version of Will Gibson’s Johnny Mnemonic real soon.

GS Reporter: Royal

Source: Rueters

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