The Fur Trap: A Storybook with its own Soundtrack

836fd30bec06503beeb748e037e70542_largeWe cover a fair few gaming kickstarters here but it’s important to remember that the platform is also there to serve a diversity of different and interest projects. One such is “The Fur Trap” – an illustrated storybook fusing horror, fairy-tales and rock’n’roll.


Lonely teenager Beth feels trapped when her new step-mother moves onto the family farm and transforms it into a no-fun furriers. Then one night, a mysterious musician named Buddy Rabid appears in her neck of the woods and Beth decides to escape rural suffocation in pursuit of the wild animal spirit of Rock and Roll!

Half pulp-horror, half-fairytale, The Fur Trap is a mutant musical storybook that camps out in the wilderness of illustrated fiction for adults. Accompanied by an original vinyl soundtrack of rock’n’roll, weird country and far-northern soul.

Best of all, it comes with its own vinyl record to listen to as your read. Sounds pretty awesome, right? Full details here, and they’re half-way to their goal already, so at this early stage this looks for completion!

The_fur_trap_image_1 the_fur_trap_image_2

GS Reporter: Matt

Source: Kickstarter

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