The Future of the X-Men and Avengers

The big crossover event, Avengers vs X-Men has been huge. Now as we are coming to an end, Marvel have announced their plans for two of their biggest franchises. Rick Remender will be writing Uncanny Avengers, a book that will consist of both X-Men and Avengers.

The Avengers book will be taken over by Jonathan Hickman on a bi-weekly schedule featuring an amazing 18 or more member team. Hickman is a rising star in both Marvel and on his own work with The Manhattan Projects and therefore this is a very exciting change with the old guard of Bendis moving out to make way for fresh talent. Hickman has been writing the ultimate version of the team to critical acclaim and therefore it is a smart choice.

Bendis himself will be moving to the world of the X-Men where we will see the five original characters being taken out of their time stream and placed into the present day problems. This could be a very interesting take as we will see how far some characters have come and changed. As well as this it is likely to have an early version of Jean Grey as Marvel Girl thrown into the mix.

Source: Digital Spy

GR Reporter: Luke Halsall

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