The Green Hornet finds his Kato

I’d almost forgotten that bloke from ‘Knocked up’ was supposed to be helming and starring a movie adaptation of ‘The Green Hornet‘. It seems now that things are starting to move forward. Over at The Hollywood Reporter the news is that Stephen Chow of ‘Kung fu Hustle’ fame (which I’ve still yet to see…yes I know I’m crap) has joined the production as Hornet’s trusty sidekick Kato, the role last held by the awesome Bruce Lee. Not only will Chow be co-starring in the movie alongside Seth Rogan but this movie will mark Chow first gig as a director on an American movie.

I’m looking forward  this movie but at the same time I’m apprehensive. The only role I’ve seen Rogan in is ‘Knocked up’ and at the moment I just can’t see him as the Green Hornet. I also hope they don’t update it and to it’s 30’s roots like the radio show and give it a real pulp flavour.


Ok now the picture on the left is The Green Hornet, the smooth and Dashing adventurer and picture on the right is Seth Rogan, complete with beard and dodgy 70’s porn perm. I think you can see my worries. Sure he’s slimming down for the role but that’s not my issue. I just can’t seen that dashing, smoothness in Rogan you need for the Green Hornet. I hope he proves me wrong as if done right this movie could be awesome.

We’ll have to wait until June 25, 2010 to find out. 

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Source: Hollywood Reporter

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