The Hawkeye Initiatve

empoweredhawkeyeHawkeye as you’ve never seen him before.

Well, here at Geek Syndicate we strive to bring you the highest calibre of news stories. So feast your eyes on this beautiful blog.

The Hawkeye Initiative takes famous comic book heroines who have been drawn into ridiculous, and often anatomically incorrect poses and makes Hawkeye switch places with them.

The aim of this blog is to highlight how laughable some of the portrayals of female anatomy are within the big comics companies.

Apparently, according to the comments, some men feel uncomfortable at how Hawkeye is being exploited….Oh you poor boys, our hearts bleed for you.

Think how most of us girls feel when we pick up a comic from our friendly retailer only to find our fave female character bent over backwards in a pose that on a normal human, would land them inhospital!



We particularly enjoyed the Hawkeye riding Hulk one.
GS Reporter: Sara Westrop

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