The Hobbit – Summary & Analysis by Thug Notes

thugnotes_thehobbit_smallAh yeah playa! Sparky Sweets, Phd of Thug Notes brings the noise big style with a in depth and brilliant summary of The Hobbit. He then goes on to regale us with a  pretty spot on analysis of JRR Tolkien fantasy epic.

Warning for those of you who have only seen the Hobbit film this video covers the entire book so you have been warned!

For those of you who think some of the literary greats can’t be made accessible to everyone watch this video from Thug Notes and think again. Oh and remember to laugh as well.

What I love about this video is that sure it’s funny because it’s a person we don’t expect proving the summary but on a deeper level I think it’s a great way of engaging with folk who may never read this type of material.  If it gets one new person checking  out The Hobbit oh any of the other books that Sparky Sweets dissects then that’s a job done in my book.

Now that you’ve checked out the Hobbit go and check some of the other titles that Thug Notes covers which include 1984, Animal Farm, Beowulf and Fahrenheit 451.

I’ve now subscribed to the Thug Notes channel on youtube and will be catching up on the episodes I’ve missed as soon as I can.

Reporter: Nuge
Source: Thug Notes

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  1. Soulfinger /

    Sparky Sweets Phd. Lol!!! Just watched about 10 of these back to back.

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