The Hunt Begins as the Hawk The Hunter Kickstarter Launches

Hold the pan pipes and ready your sword, whip, bow and one handed crossbow…the Hawk the Hunter kickstarter has begun!

Despite not having a speck of acting talent I still hold out hope that my audition video for the Hawk the Slayer sequel  Hawk the Hunter (which will probably be filmed without glowing ping pong balls I’m afraid) will be enough to secure me a leading role in the movie.  If, however,  my talent is not recognised (highly likely) then I will have to  just stump up the cash and support the Kickstarter as among its rewards is the chance to appear as an extra in the film. One of the other rewards and one for any fan of the original film is a  replica of Hawk’s Mindsword. There are only a ten replicas of the mindsword on offer so I’m guessing these will go quicker than an arrow from Crow’s bow.

The kickstarter for the film, which has a particularly cool tagline of THE SLAYER RETURNS, THE HUNT BEGINS, kicked off at a screening of Hawk the Slayer which was shown as part of the FrightFest Festival in London.

As a big fan of Hawk I will be be turning my eyes from the south and the wizards gathering there so I can keep an eye on this Kickstarter once it launches.

You can find the Kickstarter here.

Fans of cult movie Hawk the Slayer will be offered the chance to appear as extras in the long-awaited sequel, Hawk the Hunter, once fundraising begins later this month.
Writer/director Terry Marcel, iconic rock musician Rick Wakeman and premier games and comic book publishing company Rebellion have joined forces for a crowdfunding campaign to finance the sequel.
UK & American Screenings.
Launching the Kickstarter on August 30, at a screening of Hawk the Slayer as part of London’s FrightFest Film Festival, Hawk the Slayer will then screen at the DragonCon sci-fi convention in Atlanta, GA and the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, Denver, Colorado over Labor Day weekend, with Marcel calling on fans to help raise the final 20 per cent of the budget to make the sequel.

In return for their financial pledges, supporters of the campaign will have the opportunity to appear as extras in the upcoming movie or pick up other exclusive Hawk the Hunter rewards, such as a limited number of Mindsword replica’s.
Terry Marcel, the writer/director of Hawk the Slayer, has brought back American Actor Ray Charleson, who played Crow the elf in the first movie, as an ‘ancient tree elf’ in Hawk the Hunter.
Rick Wakeman, a lover of the original movie and its distinctive soundtrack, is to produce the sequel’s film score from his Norfolk studio.
Rebellion CEO Jason Kingsley, himself a self-confessed “massive Hawk fan”, is creating the film’s CGI as well as investing in the production. There is also a Hawk game and comic book in the works.
London-based independent film and TV production company Westwood Productions Limited (WPL) has partnered with Baltic Films to co-produce Hawk the Hunter.
The movie will be shot at locations in Lithuania and England.

Source: Hawk the Hunter
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