The Knowing Trailer

What do I know about this trailer?

 I really like the premise of this movie and I do like a good disaster flick and this one looks like it has a touch of the supernatural about it. 

What doesn’t Nicholas Cage know about this trailer?

He still has one of the most dodgy hairstyles in Hollywood (the no.1 title is still held by Tom Hanks in The Da Vinci Code). Still looks pretty damn sweet (The trailer, not the hairstyle).

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  1. At the San Diego Comic Con, the trailer running alongside this one was called “Push” (I think) with Chris Evans and a shockingly teenaged Dakota Fanning. Evans and Fanning were in an Asian country, it seemed, eating in a restaurant when these superpowered ninjas came in to get them. Markedly, one guy had a sonic scream that shattered fishtanks and floored our heroes. Then Evans got up and “pushed” his hands forward, and a telekinetic wave shattered more fishtanks and bowled the badguys. Then Evans and Fanning took off running.

    It was SAH-weeeeet!!

  2. geeksyndicate /

    Nice mate…write this with some info on the movie and I’ll stick it up in the movie news.

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