The Last Stand – Arnie’s back!

You’d think becoming a movie star might be enough for some people.  But maybe it isn’t. So you become the Governor of the world’s fourth largest economy and one of the most famous regions of earth known to man.  You’d think when that came to an end it would be enough.  You’d think that sitting back and enjoying your free time might be a given but if you’re Arnold “I’ll be back” Schwarzenegger you know the retirement is for “girlie men”.

So now that Arnie is out of the fancy house he’s gone back to movies and while you can see him flashing back to the 80’s the in the Expendables 2, here we have the trailer for Arnie’s first solo movie since he came back.

The Last Stand features our now aged but still large hero, as a sheriff in a small town near the Mexican border (the promise land for American criminals).  He used to be a big shot LA cop but a bungled operation left his partner a cripple so he left to manage the relatively crime free town of Sommerton Junction.  However as with all things destined for action heroes, his quiet life is disturbed by the escape of the world’s most notorious drug lord (the blurb release doesn’t bother to name him) who is heading for sleepy town to raise some hell on the way to the border.  Arnie mus decide whether to help in his capture (hint – he does) or step back from the life that cost him dear (it would be a pretty short movie if he made that choice).  The film also features Forest Whitaker (a favourite actor of mine) and Johnny Knoxille (liked Jackass, not bowled over by any of his on screen abilities).

I will say right off the bat that the big Arnie is a hero of mine.  He made classic films, he was THE guy of action and while I love Die Hard and Rambo First Blood holds a place in my affection, the muscles from brussels was always my man.  The accent, the look, the willingness to do comedy and actually pull it off (compare Twins with Stop! Or my mom will shoot!) meant that he earned that place at the top the action pinnacle.  Now Arnie is back but we know that he does not have the physique of old, has more lines in his face then spoken lines in a far few of his early movies, and a quite frankly bizarre hair cut that defies logic.  Should he still be making these films?

Looking at this trailer I can tell you Arnie will kick some arse, there will be big guns and explosions and sure enough at least one age joke but c’mon – how can the age not be addressed?  I’m not sure how much the back story will be shown, from the trailer I can’t see ay and quite frankly I’m not sure it needs any.  Small town sheriff faced with big violent problem coming his way, how does he deal with it is interesting enough for me without ham fisting some tragic back story in there but we’ll see how it turns out. Forest Whitaker is always a class act though looks like he may be the talking guy rather than the action guy for this one.  Johnny Knoxville has the ability to make you laugh but hasn’t really delivered in his on screen roles and here it seems he’s playing the nut job but I suppose he is a nutjob so maybe he can pull this off.  Make no mistake though this film is all about the big man and I think it would be good to have a solid action flick back on the big screens, old school style without any fancy moves ala Bourne or no mark, ethnic accent gangsters (any Guy Ritchie film).  I’m sure some of it will be predictable and maybe you’ll wonder how an old man can kick the arse of a guy half his age and avoid a volley a gunfire at the same time. I’m hoping this film will be Arnie’s “Copland” and not any Van Damme film…..ever.

Judge for yourself…….

GS Correspondant: Steven Stone

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