The Librarians Return – November 2, 2015

Perhaps it’s because I used to work in a library when I was a teenager and in my early twenties. Perhaps it’s because my undergraduate degree was in Library Management. Perhaps it’s just because I love books or perhaps it’s because I enjoyed the antics of a certain Orangutan in the Discworld novels.

Whatever the reason, I started to watch the first season of The Librarians based purely upon it’s title. I had no idea it was linked to a trilogy of films that I had a vague awareness of or really what the tone would be. I enjoyed the hell out of the show from the outset … and it seems to be a guilty pleasure. One of the reasons I found it so watchable was because it has a great sense of fun about it. The show doesn’t take itself too seriously (hell, Bruce Campbell turns up as Santa Clause early on in the show) and it has a very light tone compared to a lot of today’s grim and gritty programming. You know what? It also managed to surprise me in its finale episodes which I did not expect it to do at all!

I was actually surprised when I learned that a second season had been green-lit, thinking that I was surely in the minority. With Autumn upon us, the second season is due to hit British screens on Monday, 02 November 2015. It will air on the Syfy channel. Here’s the official blurb for the season:

The Librarians centres on an ancient organization hidden beneath the Metropolitan Public Library in New York dedicated to protecting an unknowing world from the secret, magical reality hidden all around. The first season concluded with the Librarians surviving the Brotherhood’s endgame to introduce magic back to the world. In Season Two, having been separated for months, this eclectic group of characters is drawn back together to solve a mystery when a storm descends on Manhattan. They must learn how to work together again as a team – facing up to some hard truths about themselves – all while continuing to be responsible for collecting and protecting the artefacts housed in the Library and, more importantly, preventing them from falling into the wrong hands.

Starring Noah Wyle (ER, Falling Skies) as Flynn Carsen, Rebecca Romijn (X-Men) as Eve Baird, Christian Kane (Leverage) as Jake Stone, Lindy Booth as Cassandra Cillian, John Kim as Ezekiel Jones and John Larroquette as Jenkins.

The Librarians

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