The Minister of Chance Launches a Movie Style Trailer for it’s Audio Drama

Check out this movie style trailer for the Minister of Chance audio drama. Now in his fourth incarnation, defrocked Time Lord The Minister Of Chance finds himself saddled with ‘Kitty’, an ‘assistant’ he apparently cannot get rid of – and perilously entangled in the court intrigues and military politics of a forest planet on the brink of war.

Jenny Agutter, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann and Paul Darrow join Julian Wadham (The Iron Lady) and Lauren Crace (EastEnders) in a mould-breaking audio adventure that will take you to a spectacular world where science is heresy and magic is law…

I’ve already listened to the first two episodes of the Minster of Chance and loved both of them. I had no idea the Minister himself was supposed to be a defrocked Time Lord (what a defrocked Time Lord is…sounds painful). Listening to it for a second time with that knowledge in my head I could definately hear the Dr Who influences, especially in the begrudging relationship the Minister develops with his companion/assistant Kitty. It also doesn’t hurt that two of the cast members (Paul McCann and Sylvester Mcoy)  are former Time Lords themselves, playing far more sinister roles is this production. As well as Paul and Sylvester the cast is made up a veritable who’s who of old school genre actors, including one of my all time fave sci-fi badasses Paul Darrow who played the ruthless Avon in Blake’s Seven and who stars here as the equally ruthless Lord Rathen.

So far the team have made two episodes and they currently have a campaign running to raise the money to produce episode 3. We hear at Geek Syndicate wish them all the best and look forward to the day when the BBC allow the Minster to could cross paths with a certain well known Time Lord.

You can check out the episodes for free here and I strongly suggest you do so as they are a great listen. If you want to support the campaign for episode 3 you can do that here.

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