The Mummy fans unite and fight online

I am a great fan of the first two Mummy films but not so much the third one. The news around the web is that there is a new online The Mummy game coming out in 2011 and it will be called er… The Mummy Online.  Sounds like this action-RPG MMO could be fun.  Read on after the break to find our more and some screen shots and the trailer.

Developed in collaboration with Universal Partnerships & Licensing, The Mummy Online taps into the action and adventure of the hit film franchise to the free-to-play MMOG space.

The action-adventure game will include original storylines, fast-paced battles, and opportunities to explore mysterious and exotic locals. It’s set against the backdrop of Amarna – located at the southern tip of the Nile – the homeland to priests and tribes who practice the dangerous art of sorcery and is the birthplace of the region’s most legendary sorceress Masika. Amarna has been a battleground for centuries with pharaohs attempting to control all who held wisdom of the ancient worlds. Filled with mysterious tombs, burial grounds, and undiscovered treasures, players will be able to travel the map across several dedicated PvP locations, including:

The Oasis: Hidden by mountains, the oasis is a lush environment to the northeast of Amarna. Ramesses – the 19th Dynasty Egyptian Pharaoh – used this site to build a pyramid at its core. Here, small bands of pygmy tribes were instructed to protect one of Ramesses’ most coveted magical artifacts for all eternity – the “Stones of Rancor.”

The Tomb: Deep in the mountains in the northwest of Amarna, the Tomb was a burial site for the venomous serpent knives. These weapons were handed down to Masika as the instrument to bring forth Ramesses’ death. To protect these sacred artifacts, deadly scarabs were placed into the Tomb’s walls along with many local tribes people who were mummified and encapsulated in statues.

The Ruins: In the northeast region of Amarna, close to the Nile, this site was built on an ancient Scarab feeding ground. Many have prayed to the god Anubis for protection on this land, and to destroy any intruder who tries to claim the sacred vases containing the organs of Masika.



So geeks do you wanna kick some Mummy butt……

SOURCE: The Mummy Online, JoBlo

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