‘The Musketeers’ Showrunner Adrian Hodges will not be Returning for Series 3

As any self respecting Musketeer fan knows the hot BBC show has been renewed for a third season. Sadly what those same fans may or may not  know is that show’s creator Adrian Hodges has stepped down as showrunner and will not be returning to helm the third series of the show.

While chatting exclusively to Geek Syndicate last night Adrian revealed he was leaving the show and his reasons behind it.

“I just felt that after the last season I was totally knackered. I love the show but it had been a very intensive two…well four years really and what I didn’t want to go was go straight into developing a new season. I just didn’t quite have the energy to do that.”

To hear Adrian talk about this more as well as his love for the fans, cast and crew and his take on season two you can listen to the full interview here.

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