The Producer of The Dark Knight Developing New Web Series ‘The Great S. Cape!’

UslanThe Great S. Cape! is a  new original pulp adventure web series coming soon from the combined might of Digital media company blip and Michael  Uslan the producer behind The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises.

This current resurgence (although for me it never went away) in all things pulp shows no signs of stopping. Along with new novels and comics we now have a all new pulp  adventure coming to the web as a 12-chapter cliffhanger webseries.

The live action adventure series The Great S. Cape (loving that title) will feature the character Stephen Cape played by Ian Duncan. Who is Stephen Cape you ask? Well he’s world class magician and illusionist who having fallen on hard times as decided to supplement his income by becoming a private detective.


Ian Duncan

The Great S. Cape! marks the triumphant return of the chapter-by-chapter Saturday matinee movie serial of old that was dominated by superheroes like Batman, Superman and Captain America,” said Uslan. ” Original web series are at the cutting edge of the entertainment industry, and working with Blip I can reach audiences in new ways with more immersive characters and stories.”

So to recap pulp adventure, cliffhangers galore and an magic dealing, illusion creating escape artists turn private dick at the heart of it all. I think a webseries is the perfect platform for a cliffhanger serial and something tells me I’ll be checking this one out when it comes online later in the year.

Reporter: Nuge

Source: Blip


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