The Rainbow Orchid Volume 3 to Launch at Bristol Comic Expo

Just when I thought my wallet was safe the Bristol Comic Expo announce that will  launching one of my fave comics during the event.

Great…just great! The more I look at what’s coming out at this year’s Bristol Comic Expo the more I realise that my wallet is going to take an epic hit in May.

Having read the first two volumes of Rainbow Orchid it’s going to be impossible not to go to the con and pick up the concluding volume of this adventure for Julius Chancer and his cohorts.

If you’ve never read any of  Rainbow Orchid and are a fan of European comics( especially Tintin) then I strongly suggest you pick up the first two volumes as it’s a great all ages globe trotting adventure.

If you like your comics full of mystery and adventure, with an emphasis on good story, and you love the worlds of Rider Haggard, Conan Doyle, Jules Verne, Edgar P. Jacobs and Hergé, then you’ll want to read The Rainbow Orchid… Rainbow Orchid Website.

You can read our spolier free  review of volume two here and you can find out even more over on the main website.



We are “over the Rainbow ” to announce that


is attending the

BRISTOL COMIC EXPO and we will be the 1st major Convention

launch of the much ancipated



The adventures of Julius Chancer continue

        …. at Bristol Comic Expo this May 12-13th

Julius Chancer and friends journey to the roof of the world as the dangers

intensify and the most unexpected discovery awaits them beyond the long-forgotten Uskandagadri Pass.

Will they succeed in finding the mythical flower and make it back in time to

prevent Urkaz Grope from winning the Wembley Orchid Competition and completing his nefarious plans?

Find out in the long-awaited concluding episode of the biggest

adventure in comics!

The adventures of Julius Chancer continue

                 …. at Bristol Comic Expo this May 12-13th

Source:Bristol Comic Expo
GS Reporter: Nuge

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