The Special Effects of Jessica Jones Video

I used to be a behind-the-scenes phobic. No, I didn’t slink around behind curtains hoping not to be noticed. I mean that I was always afraid that learning how a favourite film or TV series achieved its impact would somehow detract from my enjoyment of it. In recent years, I have largely gotten over this hang-up and if anything, knowing how something is done often increases my appreciation of the skill involved in production. To this end, I stumbled across a news story linking to a short video that breaks down the various layers of trickery used in Marvel’s latest hit TV series Jessica Jones.

The video has been released by Shade VFX, the special effects team that worked on Jessica Jones, who I learned, also did work on the Daredevil TV series too, which was an interesting tidbit I have now mentally filed away for future pub-quiz/bragging knowledge. Anyway, enough of my guff, feast on the video below. It has a loud rock soundtrack so if you are watching at work, be warned.

If you haven’t already, you might like to check out the excellent overview of Jessica Jones written by Vix by clicking here.

Source: Comicbook Resources
GS Blogger: Casey Douglass

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