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At next year’s KAPOW! COMIC CON on April 9th, you will get the chance to attend the first ever annual Stan Lee Awards!

Stan Lee had this to say:

“This is a fantastic platform to reward the cream of comic book talent for all their creativity and imagination throughout 2010, which has brought us so much entertainment and inspiration”.

Now the set up is this: a panel of judges will put together a short list of nominees for the 12 categories. The shortlist will be available for you to cast your vote on the KAPOW! Website, from the end of January.

The Catagories are:

– Best Writer –

– Best Artist –

– Best Series –

– Best Superhero or SciFi movie –

– Best Trade –

– Best Limited Series or Story Arc –

– Best Comic Hero –

– Best Newcomer –

– Best Publisher –

– Best TV Show –

– Best Game or Toy –

– Man or Woman of the Year –

The Judges creating the short list will be Chris Hewitt from Empire, Mike Rampton from Front, Samuel Roberts from SciFiNow, Jes Bickham from Comic Heroes, Robbie Collin from News of the World, Richard George from IGN, Jonah & Kiel from Comic Book Resources, The Forbidden Planet Megastore London, Damon Lindelof co-creator and writer of Lost and producer of Star Trek and comedian Al Murray and just announced today Seth Rogen from SuperBad & Clarke Duke from Kick-Ass are added to the list.

Now if you are anything like me you just looked at the list and only recognized 4 names (and one of them is a shop). Personally I would have preferred a public nomination method instead of a group of quasi famous people doing it. That way there is a chance for smaller comics to get noticed and not fall under the radar. I have a feeling these short lists are going to be full of Marvel, DC and Image titles with a few 2000AD ones thrown in to keep the British fans happy. This is a shame as now it has the potential to become another award that no one cares about, instead of something bigger and brighter.

The categories are fairly standard; however I would have loved to have a “Best Small Press comic” and “Best Web comic” category in there to get a spotlight on some really talented up and comic creators. After all this is supposed to be the British San Diego and the Small Press scene IS a huge part of the British comics industry.

The name is also getting to me! Why is it the Stan Lee awards? I’ve searched the web and nowhere does it say that Stan Lee is going to be there at the awards! Why not call it the Kapow Awards? The only reason I can see that they have Stan’s name is all over this thing is because they needed a recognisable name so the main stream media will actually report on it and give them free advertising. This is a very negative way to look at it i know, but that’s what comes to mind when reading it.

Obviously I could be totally wrong and this could turn out to be the new Eisner’s, and i truly hope that they do. Maybe these awards will grow into something great that will raise the profile of comics. But I feel they have a long way to go.

For a more in-depth look at Kapow Comic Con check out the latest episode of Geek Syndicate, Listen to the boys go through the details so far with a small tooth comb and discuss what they find!


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