The Study of Prehistory is Deadly in ‘Retrovirus’

Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray give us their next big creation next month with “Retrovirus”. The duo bring us a sci-fi thriller with implications that stretch from some of our earliest days to the present.

Zoe Wallace is one of the best in the field of viral evolution. Because of this, she attracts the attention of a large bio-pharmaceutical corporation. Though she usually doesn’t work for such companies, the chance to research an ancient retrovirus pulls her in. While in Antartica, fact to face with a perfectly preserved Neanderthal, Zoe learns that BioPharm’s secret may mean she never sees the outside world again. But, Zoe has secrets of her own.

I remember when the Kickstarter for the book launched and I eagerly backed, being both a fan of Palmiotti and Gray’s work and a huge biology nerd. It’s great to see a book go from Kickstarter project to being distributed by Image. This graphic novel is sure to be a wonderful read, if what I’ve seen about it is any indication. On November 21st, be sure to pick up your copy.

Source: Image
Reporter: Leo Johnson

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