The Summer of Indie – Comic Review: Dream Reavers #1

Dream Reavers issue 1

Story by: Raphael Moran

Art: Marc Borstal (Atul Bakshi, David Hedmark)

Lettering: E.T. Dollman

GS Reporter: Montoya


“They were chosen because they had all of these special powers. In the real world they were seen as freaks or strange, but in Astral they can be Gods. They were born Dream Reavers.” So says the writer of Dream Reavers.

Around the world a group of young people start to hear voices in their head but these are no ordinary voices. Each of the group has a gift, enter dreams, suggestive thought and locating lost children by will. The group are then brought together in a strange realm called Astral where monsters dwell. “Astral is a place between life and death. It’s another dimension where people can enter if they break the walls of their Dreams”

This was a very easy read and highly enjoyable. As an origin issue it works well introducing us to the various characters including the key 4 who will form some sort of team.

The story is paced very well trying to not cram everything in but leaving us with still a lot of questions that I am sure will resolve themselves over the coming issues. The set ups of the main 4 and their situations are all intriguing

The art was good with a nice nod to Silver Age comic art style in one sequence.

When asked what makes Dream Reavers so cool Moran said “We have some breathtakingly amazing art by Marc Borstel and a host of great guest artists. I don’t think you’ll see a more epic story from an Indie publisher this year. Some have even called it a cross between Inception and Narnia. With all the glut of lame superhero reboots from the big two, comic readers should take a look at this underdog of a story that’s unlike anything on the stands right now. We have a ton of twists and some amazing cliffhangers that will keep you at the edge of your seat.”

Overall this is a solid first issue with a good concept but they will need to bring something excellent to the table as in the comics world everything has been done before. Pick up issue one now and sit back and enjoy.

For a full interview with the writer head over to 1st Comics and Comic Monsters

SOURCE: Ape Entertainment

GS Reporter: Montoya

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