The Summer of Indie – TV Short Review: Admit None

Most the time it can be difficult to tell what is and what isn’t independent when it comes to television. However, this surreal comedy short seen on Zoom Focus (from The British Sign Language Broadcasting Trust) is a mini-work of art!

So, I would guess most people reading now probably haven’t seen a short film where the principle language is British Sign Language (don’t panic, it’s subtitled!), so maybe, just maybe, this little review will help broaden someone’s horizon who is reading it at the moment!

The premise of the story is strange to say the least, but I found the plot to be engaging and fun. Two Deaf friends visit the cinema to watch a subtitled screening of a film, and the subtitles fail to appear. They then embark on a journey to see the manager, to rectify the situation. OK, I’ll admit, at first glance this doesn’t sound particularly exciting BUT there is more to the story then just that. A series of surreal encounters and fantasy sequences pull the story along nicely, many with clear references to Alice in Wonderland, but all with pretty direction that kept me very much entranced.

This short film has way more to it though then just a strange storyline and pretty direction. Whilst Teresa Garratty has done a great job of turning the cinema into Alice in Wonderland themed corridors and projector rooms, the scripting and the acting is superb. Firstly I must mention Genevieve Barr, some of you may recognise the name from BBC thriller “The Silence”, a fabulous [Deaf] actress who is warm and funny in this short (Note: I have square bracketed that for a reason; I feel she deserves her own merit as a fabulous actress, set aside the fact that she is Deaf. I leave in the Deaf description though for readers who may not know whether or not she is acting Deaf for the show). Countless times during Admit None she had me really believing in her character, and honestly I really did laugh out loud, both due to her acting, and due to the good scripting. The chemistry between her and her best friend in the show Kevin Xirum (the leading man) was great, and the banter between the two of them really worked well and it was really funny! That’s not to mention the bizarre, and hilariously played Cinema Porter!

Admittedly, the show is really geared at Deaf viewers and there are some clear references that may not transcend cultures very easily, but within the spirit of Geek Syndicate’s summer of indie I truly tip my hat off to this great short. What more do we need in life then laughs, fun and fantasy all wrapped up in nice surreal Alice in Wonderland decorated paper!

For more information visit:

BSLBT – Zoom: Admit None

The Admit None Facebook Page

The Film will be broadcast on Film4, The Community Channel and Online at BSLBT from Monday 19 September 2011.

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