The Underwater Welder Coming in August

Good news, everyone! Now that I’ve got you thinking of Futurama, on to the point of this newsflash: Jeff Lemire’s new graphic novel The Underwater Welder is now available for pre-order! From the author of Sweet Tooth, Essex County, Animal Man, Lost Dogs, and more, comes another wonderful addition to the world of comics.

Winner of more awards than you can name, including the Xeric Award, the Alex Award, the Joe Shuster award, and more, The Underwater Welder has already been called a literary masterpiece. Scott Snyder of Batman and Swamp Thing had this to say about The Underwater Welder: “Jeff Lemire has created a moving, brilliant, and fiercely original work about loss, longing, and love. Full of piercing moments that will stay with you for long after you’ve finished reading, The Underwater Welder is a testament to the basic truth that down in the depths or up on the land, there’s nothing more haunting than the human heart. A masterpiece of visual storytelling.

Damon Lindelof of LOST fame also had great things to say about the graphic novel that he included in the introduction to the book: “The most spectacular episode of The Twilight Zone that was never produced. I really, really care about the people in this story… And I can pretty much guarantee you will too.”

The Underwater Welder focuses on Jack Joseph, an underwater welder on an oilrig off the coast of Nova Scotia used to the immense pressures of deep-sea work, but totally unprepared for the pressure of his soon-to-be fatherhood. As he dives deeper and deeper below the waters, he pulls further and further away from his wife and unborn child. One night while in the icy depths of the ocean, something unexplainable happens that changes Jack and his life forever.

Equally a blue-collar character study and mind-bending mystery, the graphic novel explores the relationships between fathers and sons, birth and death, memory and reality, and the things we bury below the surface. Written around the same time as Lemire’s own struggle with impending parenthood, the graphic novel delves into a story that likely strikes a nerve with all parents, both old and new.

At $19.95 for 224 pages, that’s less than a dime a page! Any fan of Jeff Lemire, great storytelling, wonderful art, or just comics in general needs to be excited for this. These last few years, Lemire has been showing some strong work, and if what I’ve seen and read about it is any indication, The Underwater Welder will continue his string of successes. Pre-order now, or be sure to pick it up in August and support one of the best creators out there today!

Source: Top Shelf Comix
Reporter: Leo Johnson

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