The Uprising Has Begun! The “Fable III” Revolution Revealed in Launch Trailer

Witness the intense action, adventure and drama as the rebellion against tyranny is born
LONDON – 13 October 2010 – “Fable III” fans will begin their journey to rule Albion. Offering an exhilarating glimpse of the revolutionary action and adventure ahead, Lionhead Studios and Microsoft Game Studios released the never-before-seen launch trailer today for the highly anticipated third instalment of the “Fable” series. 

The gripping trailer, “Revolution,” takes you from the depths of rebellion to the birth of revolution in Albion as you take the lead in overthrowing the tyrant king Logan. Sounding the call-to-arms against oppressive rule and negotiating strategic partnerships with the different clans of Albion, the Hero and his fellow revolutionaries rise up to seize the throne. Xbox and agency twofifteen worked with Emmy award-winning visual effects house Psyop to bring the story to life with rich and imaginative cinematic detail. The journey is set to the chilling backdrop of the Black Angels’ track, “Young Men Dead,” resulting in a compelling story of revolutionary struggle and upheaval.

Continuing the franchise’s core tenet of freedom of choice, “Fable III” is available in a Standard Edition (£49.99) and Limited Collector’s Edition (£59.99) for Xbox 360. The Limited Collector’s Edition offers a bounty of exclusive content, including a new quest, exclusive in-game location, “Fable III” playing cards, a Guild Seal Coin, the Boxer dog breed and a unique outfit for your male or female hero.

Pre-order “Fable III” today from participating retailers to create your own in-game villager with the “Fable III” Villager Maker at The in-game villager will deliver to your hero a thrilling new quest and 1,000 gold in fortune. Now available for purchase is the “Fable III” Limited Edition Wireless Controller featuring unique artwork crafted by Lionhead studios for £39.99. The collectible controller comes with an Xbox LIVE token for an exclusive in-game downloadable tattoo set to further customise your hero’s appearance.

“Fable III” on Xbox 360 is available throughout Europe on the 29th October.

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