The Walking Dead #100 is the Best-Selling Comic of the 21st Century

The Walking Dead’s milestone of a 100th issue sold out of all 383,612 issues initially ordered for July 11th, the same day of its release. This amazing feat has effectively made it the best-selling comic in initial orders since 1997′s Darkness #11, another Image book.

Image Publisher Eric Stephenson had this to say: “This is a remarkable achievement. It’s extremely uncommon, if not flat-out rare, for a comic book to see a sustained increase in sales following its first issue, but The Walking Dead steadily climbed up and up since its launch in 2003, and we couldn’t be more proud of Robert, Charlie and the whole Walking Dead team.”

Issue 100 was the talk of comics this month, and especially the talk of San Diego Comic-Con. Special events and products were planned to celebrate this monumental achievement of creator-owned comics, including The Walking Dead Escape: San Diego, a “Zombie Survival Machine” transformed Hyundai Elantra, and even a Walking Dead #100 Vannen watch.

With the success that The Walking Dead and Kirkman have achieved in not only comics, but also television and video games, it’s no surprise that this milestone issue was such a big deal. As a hardcore The Walking Dead fan, I was especially excited and proud to see such a great series make such a big splash with its 100th issue, and look forward to 100 more.

Source: Image Comics

GS Reporter: Leo Johnson

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