The Walking Dead Video Game – My Ideas!

We all knew it was going to happen!  Telltale Games are making a Walking Dead video game based on the hit Comic book and TV series. Not many details have been announced just yet so I thought I would go into wild speculation mode and give you some examples of Games I’d like to see from the Zombie franchise.

First Person Shooter

Picture this, the game starts as you open your eyes to find yourself in a hospital room. You get out of bed and slowly make your way to the door. Outside your room you are confronted with a horror scene! It looks like a riot has taken place inside the hospital. Al of a sudden you are attacked by some monster… no not a monster…. it’s a nurse with half her face missing and she’s trying to bite you! You reach out for something and you grab a plank of wood! You swing and connect CRACK, the nurses’ head caves in! She goes limp!  You get to your feet and you now have one mission in life! FIND YOU’RE FAMILY!!

Imagine the game Condemned, but set in Atlanta and the surrounding area. Dark buildings filled with zombies. You have a gun but if you use it you run the risk of attracting many more zombies, you have to use whatever is at hand to hold back the walking dead.

Obviously the game would have to take liberties with the story so they could have the action pieces that you would need, but the tone would remain the same! Dark and grim, you should be afraid to turn on the Xbox/PS3 for fear of what will happen next!


Think Fallout: New Vegas but with ZOMBIES!! You are a survivor! During the evacuation of Atlanta and the Panic that followed when the Dead swarmed the city you were separated from your wife and child. You were hurt and left for dead by the soldiers that we’re supposed to be protecting you. You are taken in by an old Doctor, who nurses you back to health, but you are strong now and you have to get out there and find your family!

You can go anywhere in the city! Into any building, but these buildings have Zombies in them. Weapons are everywhere but Ammo is scarce. So is food, you have to eat and drink every few hours of game play or your health will diminish until you die and become one of the walking dead.

The Zombies are not the only danger in Atlanta! During you’re time recovering different gangs have taken over sections of the city and are fighting over the resources. If you’re smart you will align yourself with one of the gangs but choose wisely. Some are more morally ambiguous then the rest! And others are downright crazy!


Same as above but Online. Money is no good so you have to barter and trade with other players. Also Players would have to band together is they expect to stay alive for long! Get enough players together and you can build a player run settlement, it could be inside an apartment building or clear out a whole city block and seal off the ends of the street!

What do you guys think! Would you like to play any of these games? Or do you have some ideas of your own?

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