“The Walking Dead Volume Zero” on the way?

The Walking Dead is one of the best selling comic series of the last 10 years. It has spawned spin off novels, Board Games, Computer Games and a hit TV series on HBO. However there is still a massive thirst out there for more Zombie action from the Kirkmanverse.

Well Robert Kirkman might be ready to delve deeper into the back story of characters we have come to love and hate. In the next season of HBO’s The Walking Dead there will be flash backs featuring Lori, Shane and Carl. These scene will explore what happened after Rick got shot up to him getting back to the group. How did Lori and Shane protect Carl? How did they end up as lovers? these questions and more will be answered.

According to TV Guide Robert Kirkman might be planning to use these flashbacks as inspiration to tell the back story of the comic timeline with a Volume Zero that would fill the gaps after Rick got shot.

Personally i hope it happens, as a huge Walking Dead fan i would love to see what happened when the zombies first attacked. What about you? are you excited? or should they leave it up to the readers to fill in the blanks?

Source: TV GUIDE, Bleeding Cool

GS Reporter: Matt

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