There’s A Trailer In Malibu

Variety Spills the beans

NBC, Universal Media Studios and Steve Carell‘s Carousel Television have tapped “House” creator-exec producer David Shore to shepherd a redo of the classic 1974-80 gumshoe drama that starred James Garner and put Stephen J. Cannell on the map as a writer-producer.

Garner’s Emmy-winning portrayal of the ex-con private eye who lived in a trailer in Malibu (and usually worked as hard to get his clients to pay up as he did on solving cases) turned Jim Rockford into one of the most indelible characters of the smallscreen. Shore said as a fan of the show himself, he’s well aware of how high the bar is set for the remake.

“It’s one of the shows that made me want to become a writer,” Shore said. “I had no interest in adapting any old stuff, but this was the one exception.”

Shore’s just starting to think about an approach to bring “The Rockford Files” into the present day, but he intends to stick with the basic foundation of a private eye in L.A. just trying to make a living.

“What makes ‘Rockford’ timeless is that he’s vulnerable, he’s flawed. He’s used to hustling and getting hustled,” Shore said. “Sometimes he’s a hero and sometimes he runs away.”

I’m not partial to TV remakes, but by golly. This could actually work. With the right writers, maybe the right actor…this could go four seasons.

If there’s a possible Fall Guy remake…I could actually find myself in front of the tele.

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