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It’s that time of the week again! GS are taking a look back at some of the best things the internet has produced in the past week. Enjoy!

So much internet goodness this week. New products, Chris Pratt on the set of Jurassic World and Mad Max/Kimmy Schmidt mash ups. Much awesomeness this week!



This is the mash up the internet needed and I needs to see Mad Max: Fury Road. Check out the GS review here!


Enchanting Scenes of Star Wars Figures in Everyday Life

This adorable series of photos is by Zahir Batin. They include R2-D2 with a chick, Clone Troopers fishing and are absolutely delightful. Check out the full set along with Batin’s complete portfolio here.

atat farm

Down on the AT-AT farm


Science and Comedy? TOGETHER?

Festival of the Spoken Nerd has released the tour dates for their brand new shiny show, Just For Graphs! The nerdy trio are back with more science, more songs and MOAR EXPLOSIONS *fingers crossed*. Helen Arney, Matt Parker and Steve Mould are hilarious. You should defs go see their show if there’s one near you, which there probably is. They are going to many many places between September and December, including Bath, Nottingham, Cambridge, Sheffield and a butt load more.

Plus, they’re performing their Full Frontal Nerdity show in Las Vegas July 18th. America people: get on it.

Read the GS review of their Full Frontal Nerdity show here. Show dates, tickets, DVD, photos, clips, podcasts and Matt’s binary scarf (probably) can be found here.


Melksham Comic Con Guests Announced

Now, I know you thinking, where/what is Melksham? Melksham is a tiny town near Bath. It’s not as big or as busy as Bath, but it has it’s own comic con. Melksham Comic Con has been going since 2012, so it’s still very new. But if you’re in the South West around the last weekend in August, then definitely go check it out! Guests so far include graphic novelist Emma Vieceli, illustrator Dylan Teague and Doctor Who writer Cavan Scott. But there are many more still to be announced! Like their Facebook page to keep updated.





Funko have just released their new Orange is the New Black Pop! vinyl figures and we are in love with all of them. So far you can collect Red, Alex, Piper, Mendez and Crazy Eyes. I WANT ALL OF THEM NOW. Here’s hoping they’ll be around at MCM this weekend or LFCC in July…




Stunts 101 with Chris Pratt

Yes, it’s as glorious as it sounds. A Jurassic World featurette popped up online earlier this week, with Chris Pratt giving us the lowdown on how stunts work. It’s Andy Dwyer doing stunts. It’s great. I so hope there are more of these to come.


What’s been your favourite bit of internet this week? Let us know! Also, if you’re going to MCM London this weekend, be sure to keep an eye out for us! Most of the GS team will be there, so come say hi!


GS Blogger: Jess Hawke

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