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We’ve got a mixed bunch this week: music mishaps, movie trailers, new series excitement and possibly THE best offer from Cambridge Uni ever. There have been so many cool things over the past week, that we’ve made a double length post. It’s time for Things We Love Right Now from GS!




Sesame Street does Jurassic World

Exactly what it says on the tin, but Cookie Monster Style. Watch and enjoy.



Mockinjay Part 2 trailer is out

It’s here! The first trailer for the final instalment of The Hunger Games. ARE YOU EXCITED YET?



Geek Syndicate releases it’s first cosplay video!

I headed down to MCM Expo a few weeks ago and interviewed some AMAZING and wonderful cosplayers. Not only did we chat about their great costumes, but also why they cosplay and what it means to them. GS will next be at LFCC chatting to more cosplayers, so if you want to be in our next video, let us know!



Cambridge Uni are looking for an awesome person

Professor of Lego. It’s a real thing. Cambridge University is on a mission to find someone to research the director of the Research Centre on Play in Education, Development and Learning. I’d use it as an excuse to build a Lego Death Star in my office.




OITNB is back

And I’ve already finished it. Only took about 3 days… Now what do I do with my life?


netflix leave


Ministry of Silly Walks game? SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY.

Complete with sound effects and the right amount of silliness. Below is a teaser clip from the game and head over to Facebook to check out their page.



Catch these beautiful Snitch earrings

Available in many different variations with many different shiny stones, prices range from roughly £100 to £420. So either save up (totally worth it), buy as a present for yourself for doing something amazing, or add them to the birthday list. Each pair is lovingly handcrafted in the US and are without a doubt some of the most beautiful ear clothing I’ve ever seen! Head over to PaulMichaelDesign on Etsy where you can find these, plus a butt load of other things, including R2-D2 rings, TARDIS necklaces and a snitch pendant to go with your new earrings.



(via FashionablyGeek)


Further proof that Dave Grohl is an awesome human being

Foo Fighters gig in Sweden. Grohl broke his leg, went off stage to have it taped up, came back on stage where he proceeded to play a couple of songs, then left for hospital. Although the show was cut short, the band promised fans they’d come back again and play an even longer set to make it up to them. A lot of respect for Grohl here: how many other performers would do the same?



Princess Diaries 3 is apparently in the works

SHUT UP. Just make sure you bring back Hathaway. It won’t be the same without Hathaway…


shut up


Speaking of Disney Princesses…

Artist Laura Cooper drew them as velociraptors. You’re welcome.

(via Nerdist)


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Speaking of velociraptors…

Here’s Chris Pratt being attacked by a couple of prankasaurus rex whilst on the Jurassic World press tour. The guys who put it all together are the same pranksters who came up with spider dog.

(via TheMarySue)



What has been you favourite internet nugget from the past week? Let us know!


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