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Things We Love Right Now has been away for while, but it’s now back! There have been so so many things on the Internet that we’ve loved this week, Deadpool stuff, new POP! figures, Guardians of the Galaxy news and much more.

Haven’t been glued to the Internet this week as much as you usually are? Missed out on some Deadpool goodness or that new GOTG poster? We’re here to help you catch up: here’s our nifty guide to the best things to come from the Internet this past week.


Leather-bound Potter books

PeskyCat Papercraft (IRL Meg Krampf) has transformed muggle paperback HP books into stunning leather-bound versions. We’re 87% sure she used some sort of magic to make these. They come complete with punched copper name plates, wands on the spines AND detachable magnetic horcruxes on each cover, which double up as bookmarks. Krampf auctioned off a set of these to raise money for charity and ended up raising over $5,000. Pretty good! PeskyCat Papercraft is on Etsy, but Krampf is currently recovering from the massive wave of compliments and requests for more books. You can follow her to keep up to date with her work and find out when she’ll be taking requests again. For now, drool over the HP books below.

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via Nerdist


New Dark Crystal POP! Figures

Funky have released mock ups of their designs for a new Dark Crystal range of figurines. Included in the set will be Jen, Kira (with bonus Fizzgig), Aughra, a Mystic, and the Chamberlain Skeksis. No release date as yet, but snap these up if you’re looking to expand your Henson collection.


via Tough Pigs


Felicia Day Shows Off 3D Printed Costume

IS THIS THE FUTURE OF COSPLAY? Artist Melissa Ng approached Felicia and asked if she’d like to have some 3D printed armour created for her. Obvs, Felicia said yes (who wouldn’t?) and after 6months of designing and creating, the finished look is out on the Internet. Holy crap, I don’t think I’ve ever seen something so beautiful. Fusing tech and costume/fashion is a big thing for me and is definitely the way forward in terms of seeking new design methods and looks. Head over to the Geek&Sundry website, where you can see a clip of the shoot Felicia Day did with the costume. Below are a couple of pictures from the shoot so you can see just how amazing this thing is.

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via Geek&Sundry


Guardians of The Galaxy Poster Released

We’re excited for baby Groot.



That Time Star Wars Plates Happened

These mamezara style Star Wars plates were spotted in Japan. We like.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 20.15.22

via Daily Dot



Deadpool has been out for over a week now, which means floods of new fun Deadpool stuff on the web. Here’s a list of our top 3 favourite Deadpool related things. We’re never going to tire of saying Deadpool.

That interview between Deadpool and Wolverine


Keira Knightley as Cable

That thing that was said in the film then got turned into a really super awesome piece of fan art. Here’s Knightley as Cable for Deadpool 2:


via NerdBastards


When people petitioned for Deadpool to host SNL and he “Kanyed”. This has bad language, buy hey, it’s Deadpool, what do you expect?



Congrats! You’re now more up to date with the Interwebs. What was your favourite thing from the week? Also, there’s been so much Deadpool related stuff, which do you think is the best? Let us know!


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