Things We Love Right Now #9

A new video from Sneaky Zebra, Ready Player One news and Nicholas Brendon’s supporting American Foundation for Suicide Prevention with an awesome new shirt. All in this week’s Things We Love Right Now!

Missed out on some internet this week? Read this. It’ll help.

Sneaky Zebra at LFCC 2016

Sneaky Zebra have once again done a brilliant job with their latest cosplay video from London Super Comic Con. Their videos are the best at showcasing all the amazing cosplays from different conventions and Nick and Gary are two of the nicest people ever- they’ll always try and fit you in for filming at a convention if you ask! This year’s LFCC was pretty Star Wars heavy, but we knew that was going to happen. Plus the level of creativity and twisting of costumes is insane! Also includes D-Piddy making Deadpool references as Kylo Ren.


Ready Player One lead is cast

Tye Sheridan is set to play Wade in Ready Player One, which is due for release in 2018. Sheridan is known for roles in Mud opposite Matthew McConaughey and The Tree of Life, but you’ll see his face a bit more in the coming years, including a role in X-Men Apocalypse.




via Deadline


Someone put Donald Trump’s head on all the jerks of Game of Thrones

As amazing and hilarious as this is, it’s scary because it’s sort of true…

via YouTube


Bag giants Loungefly have awesome range of Star Wars bags

Ewoks, Storm Troopers and more droids than you can shake a stick at- the lines of handbags, rucksacks and purses available from Loungefly are endless. They’ve got florals, comic book style, calavera designs, the list goes on and on. With prices ranging from $9 for change purses and $70 for a dome bag, there’s something for every budget. Check out the full range over at Loungefly.


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Nicholas Brendon is raising money for charity with this amazing shirt

Having openly talked about his struggle with mental health on social media and his mission of #‎kickingdepressionintheballsack‬, Nicholas Brendon has designed a shirt to raise money for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. The tee, featuring a picture of Xander (Brendon’s character from Buffy) and the slogan ‘Slay Depression’, is only around for a couple of weeks, so grab yours fast! We still find mental health a tough thing to talk about, so this is another way to get people to talk more openly about the subject. Unisex and fitted tees are available for $22.99 and sweatshirts for $39.99, with a portion of the proceeds going to charity. Buy one from Represent.

Slay Depression, from $22.99

Slay Depression, from $22.99


via Nicholas Brendon FaceBook


The Setup Wizard is one of the best Tumblrs out there

It’s hard being a muggle in the wizarding world. It’s even harder when you’re a muggle and the IT guy at Hogwarts. A Tumblr has been made to document the daily struggles of that guy and it’s glorious. Read it on your lunch break and be thankful you don’t have to tell people repeatedly that a computer needs a power supply to work.

Have you ever tried to set up wifi under a lake? The damn Slytherin kids almost refused to even let me into their common room until I explained to them what Spotify is and how, with the magical power of the internet, they can stream all the emo music their little hearts could ever desire.

via Radio Times



The wait is finally over for Leonardo DiCaprio: he won an Oscar for his part in The Revenant. He then went and left his award in a restaurant. No jokes. Guess he had just got used to leaving the Oscars without one.





via The Mary Sue


Rob Zombie was mistaken for a homeless man at the Oscars

And security jumped on him. Literally. On the red carpet, multiple reports were made saying that a homeless man had bypassed security. When security tackled him, the man was heard screaming “dig through the ditches and burn through the witches — I slam in the back of my dragula!” These are in fact lyrics to Rob Zombie’s 1998 hit, Dragula. Obvs, people thought the guy was possessed, but once they figured out hat it was Rob Zombie, they said sorry. Except they weren’t able to talk to him, as he just kept yelling his Dragula lyrics. Brilliant.


Rob Zombie at the Oscars

Rob Zombie at the Oscars

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