Things We Love Right Now: SDCC Special

It’s the latest Things We Love Right Now from GS! We’ve got baby Magikarp cosplay, t-rex bikes, Mockingjay goodness, all our favourite news to come from SDCC, plus a butt load more.





Last week had some great new film news, an amazing array of random geekiness and SDCC happened. Hold onto your butts, people.


Mockingjay Part 2 promo things

Posters and Rebellion promos were released last week for Mockingjay. The posters of Katniss look AMAZING, but to me the CGI in the rebellion short with Katniss standing on the hand was a bit iffy. Unless it’s made to look like a video from District 13 (totally poss), I think Lionsgate could have done better. But the latest video is way cooler. November can’t come soon enough!






One of the best things to come out of SDCC was the highly anticipated Deadpool trailer. Ok so it got leaked to those outside of Hall H via a shaky camera phone, but hey, DEADPOOL FOOTAGE. It got a standing ovation at the Twentieth Century Fox panel. Unfortunately, FOX have been taking all the leaked versions down. Aww.


Adorable Magikarp cosplay is adorable

*high pitched squeals*

(via FashionablyGeek)


Han Solo Origin Movie

Rumour has it that there’s a Han Solo stand alone in the works. This makes us very excited. Another rumour is that Solo will be played by Taron Egarton (Eggsy from Kingsman). This makes us even more excited. We’re hoping for a tale of how the smuggler came to be and more importantly, how he became besties with Chewie. Phil Lord and Christopher Miller have been recruited as directors and the release date is set to May 25 2018.



(via Nerdist)


Ghostbusters Costumes have landed

Last week we got our first glimpse of what the women would be wearing for the reboot. They are looking BADASS. But that’s not the only reveal to come from the set: Paul Feig has been updating fans with super detailed pictures of proton packs, slime and cars. If you’re gonna reboot one of the most beloved franchises of all time, take note from Feig. He’s keeping fans up to date and in the loop with things so that they know he’s doing a great job.




Influx Clothing Kickstarter

Remember when we told you about Influx Clothing on a previous Things We Love Right Now? Well they’ve set up a kickstarter to fund their new collection! They do great geeky printed tees with gorgeous designs. Head over to the page to donate now! There’s less that 20 days left, so hurry!





The Force Awakens goes old school

Hall H was all a buzzing when this new behind the scenes footage of Star Wars VII was released. It reassured fans that the film will contain more practical effects such as puppets, big sets and BB-8, where CGI would conventionally used in today’s film making. This means a more realistic Star Wars universe for fans and a more original trilogy feel to it, which we love. WHO’S MORE PUMPED THAN THEY WERE BEFORE?



So that’s it for our favourite segments of internet and SDCC this week, What were your’s? For all you nerds who were lucky enough to go to SDCC, we hoped you had the bestest time ever! And if you didn’t, WHY?? Join us next week for next more internet goodness!


GS Blogger: Jess Hawke

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