Things We Love Right Now: Star Wars Day Special

Welcome to the second instalment of Things We Love Right Now, your weekly recap of internet goodness. It’s a Star Wars Day special!

May 4th was this week, so this post has a lot of Star Wars awesomeness. Viral videos, limited edition fashion things and fan reflections were all over the web on Monday.

Shattering a Lego Star Destroyer

Someone spent over 16hrs building an $800 Lego Star Destroyer, then dropped it. They filmed it, then slow mo’d it. It’s glorious:


Limited Edition Storm Trooper Hoodie

THIS limited edition hoodie from hoodsbee. I’d seen Jessica Chobot donning it at the beginning of the week and spent a good half a day trawling the internet trying to find it. AND I DID. Then I bought one. Hoodsbee usually design hoodies for kids that roll up into adorable plush toys, but they do special one-offs from time to time for adults. Only 1200 Storm Trooper hoodies were made and the design was launched at Star Wars Celebration a couple of weeks ago. I had to get my hands on one and although a little pricey at roughly £39 (with a discount but excluding shipping, which we won’t talk about), I fell in love instantly and know I’ll wear it until it falls apart.

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Your Party Trick Isn’t as Good as This Guys’.

Next up, a man standing on a BB-8 ball, playing the iconic Star Wars theme tune on bagpipes. The bagpipes are also on fire.


Disney Infinity x Star Wars

We got the news that a new Star Wars set was coming to Disney Infinity, with hints of old characters as well as new ones. Soulfinger covered the story for us here.

Disney_Infinity_Base Free Bundle




New Stills from Star Wars VII

New stills from The Force Awakens hit our computer screens this week too: we found out who the incredible Gwendoline Christie would be playing (yes, it is that badass chrome trooper, aka Captain Phasma) and Adam Driver’s Kylo Ren, a character similar to Darth Vader, is the guy who’s been wielding that fancy-ass new lightsaber. Lupita Nyong’o is taking on the role of CGI-rendered Maz Kanata,but we still don’t know enough about her to know who’s side she’s on.

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Geek Syndicate on the YouTubes

Finally this week, we’re loving the daily videos from the Geek Syndicate YouTube channel! Didn’t know we were on the YouTubes? Well you do now. Here’s Monts and Nuge sharing their thoughts on The Empire Strikes Back. Check out our other videos and make sure to subscribe! We have lots of things in the works that you won’t want to miss!


How did you celebrate Star Wars day? Cosplay? Marathon? Baking from my favourite Star Wars cook book? Those 3-layer Admiral Ack-bars though.


GS Blogger: Jess Hawke

Source: Youtube, Vanity Fair, hoodsbee

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