What Do You Think Of The Trailer For Hercules: The Legend Begins

As with all things in Hollywood a great idea comes along and then we get two separate movies of the same theme. White house under attack, meteor heading for earth, volcanoes and now Hercules. Check out the new trailer for one of the two movies coming out next year.

I love the whole myth of Hercules and he seems to riding a wave right now with two movies and also a starring role in BBC’s Atlantis. Yes I know the last one may not count but it is still him!

This movie seems to have found the reputation of being the “lesser” one of the two Hercules films maybe because its leading man, Kellan Lutz, is not that really well known unless you know the Cullen family from Twilight really well. The other movie stars the ROCK, Dwayne Johnson so you can see why people are looking towards that one more.

This first trailer for Lutz’ movie brings a little bit of everything. I did not know what to expect but my views are this. At first I thought this would be just a normal human tale of Hercules which I was not too happy about but then something happens in the trailer which made me smile so that covers that question. Lutz seems wrong for Hercules for some reason. He hardly speaks in the trailer which did not bode well for me and the blond hair just looked wrong for some reason.

The action looks fun and the story seems to take a a lot in and tries to deliver a big story with lots of visuals. Director Renny Harlin has been one of my fave directors but not for a long time and here he seems to be using more CGI than ever before. Yes people will say it is like Gladiator mixed with 300 with a bit of TV’s Spartacus. But I guess people like that so why not go for it.

Check out the trailer and let us know what you think.

Source: GeekTyrant
Reporter: Montoya

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