This Hallowe’en, Prepare for a New Breed of Movie Event

image001Eclectic new MOVIE-CULTURE festival zookastar takes to London’s iconic Battersea power station from 31 October – 3 November 2013

Breathing new life into the traditional film festival format, ZOOKASTAR will introduce a fresh, interactive experience for families and film lovers over a four-day event at Battersea Power Station from 31 October 2013.

One of the most iconic and culturally celebrated buildings in Europe, Battersea Power Station will play host to a range of activities and once-in-a-lifetime experiences exclusively available to ticket holders.

With the official line-up still to be announced, attendees can expect:

 – Exclusive preview screenings of upcoming movie blockbusters

 – Sneak previews and first-look trailers of exciting new movies

 – Personal appearances by film-makers and cast members

 – Master classes, Q&A sessions and speaker panels from actors, directors, producers and creators

 – Merchandise and memorabilia

 – Autograph signings

Zookastar embodies the variety and vibrant spirit of a diverse music festival, working with industry leaders and partners to bring a unique four-day event to UK film lovers and families looking for fun and educational activities during the half term break.

There will be seven zones at the festival celebrating different aspects of the industry. These will include:

ACTION AND ADVENTURE – If you’re in search of an action-packed adventure look no further than the Action and Adventure Zone. With an emphasis on the wildly popular superhero theme, you’ll have opportunity to test your mettle as a stuntman at the Stunt Academy; enjoy presentations from the filmmakers of some of the best known action, adventure and sci-fi franchises; marvel at exhibitions of iconic props and artwork and much, much more.

CLASSIC HORROR – there’s no time like Halloween to celebrate the biggest scares the film industry has to offer, and where better than Zookastar’s Classic Horror Zone. Terrifying prosthetics, make-up workshops, and appearances from iconic horror actors and actresses should get you in the mood for the spookiest night of the year.

MOVIE PRODUCTION – join us in the Movie Production Zone and be inspired to make your very own piece of film history. Green screens, animation workshops and a celebration of the classic Super 8 format will leave you raring to go with your own project. And if that doesn’t work, a music video making competition with some very special guests should certainly do the trick!

COSTUMES AND PROPS – head to the Costumes and Props Zone to learn how to make your own movie costumes! Here you’ll have opportunity to see outfits from some of the best-known film franchises, find out how medieval weaponry still packs a punch in the movies and pick up priceless tips and knowledge from industry insiders.

THE TOYS AND ROBOTS ZONE – the perfect excuse to reconnect with your inner child; the Toys and Robots Zone will include exhibitions of classic toys and props that have captured the imaginations of generations. A Retro Gaming Arcade and collectors’ fair are among the attractions to be found here.

BOLLYWOOD – come and discover the magic of India’s unique film scene. Screenings of cult Bollywood classics, visits from its leading actors and actresses, and a relaxing lounge serving Indian food and drink can all be found in this Zone.

COMICS AND POP-CULTURE – with Manga/anime artists sharing their design secrets in exclusive workshops, pop-culture quizzes and appearances from comic royalty, this Zone is the destination for celebrating the symbiotic relationship of comics and pop-culture

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