Thor 2 Director?
05/08/2011 Comic News

With Kenneth Branagh leaving the sequel Marvel have been looking for someone to take up the hammer (ahem)

Variety are saying that the likely contender could be Brian Kirk. Kirk has directed a few episodes of the excellent Game of Thrones and also Dexter and Boardwalk Empire. I have to say that I think this is great news if it pans out and once again Marvel are just calling all the right shots on their films.

SOURCE: Variety

“Thor 2” would mark the directorial debut on a big-budget Hollywood tentpole for the director who rose to the top of the list after he showed his abilities to juggle large ensembles of thesps and complex storylines in his TV projects, while also grounding the fantasy genre via his work on “Thrones.” The “Thor” sequel, sest for release July 26, 2013, is expected to feature a large cast of Aasgardians and creatures in the Norse mythology-set world.


SOURCE: Variety

GS Reporter: Montoya

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  1. He directed the first 2 episodes of Luther as well! That’s enough for me to be happy!

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