Thor gets a new Ongoing Title!

The Might Thor #1 cover

Matt Fraction the current Thor writer and Olivier Coipel (Old Thor artist and all round awesome artist) are launching a new Thor ongoing that will be called The Mighty Thor.

This will be the second time that Mr Fraction has launched a book along side a blockbuster movie from marvel! the first time was The Invincible Iron Man which redefined Tony Stark for a whole new audience. can the same be done again with Thor? only time will tell


“Look up, think big, fight hard. These are god-scaled threats only gods are qualified to handle. This is beyond everything imaginable.”

So goes writer Matt Fraction’s mission statement for THE MIGHTY THOR, a new ongoing series starring Marvel’s Lord of Thunder kicking off this April. Following “The World Eaters,” Fraction and artist Pasqual Ferry’s introductory arc on THOR—which continues through March—the landscape for our favorite Asgardian has altered dramatically and can no longer be contained in a single chronicle.

“When the dust settles, not everyone goes home,” prefaces the writer of what’s still to come in “The World Eaters.” “The entire status quo of Asgard has changed. The whole citizenry of the World Tree [has] arrived on Earth for protection. Odin is back and angry about it. To say nothing of what happens to the World Tree itself.”

On that ominous note, we can disclose that Thor and his sometime lady love, the warrior woman Sif, will journey into the fractured nexus of nine worlds in the first arc of THE MIGHTY THOR. What they bring back will lure some truly monumental visitors who no sane resident of the Marvel Universe wants showing up on their doorstep. Need a hint? The story’s called “The Galactus Seed.”

“Galactus comes to eat Asgard because there’s something incredible that Thor has harvested out of the World Tree,” reveals Fraction. “Asgard vs Galactus! Thor vs The Silver Surfer! What’s not to be psyched about?”

One thing to be very psyched about: the return of artist Olivier Coipel, who helped re-launch THOR to great acclaim in 2007 and

“Coipel so redefined [THOR] upon its initial re-launch only for, to my way of thinking, Pasqual to come and take it from him,” Fraction says. “So I think a big part of the freshness here is Coipel trying to take it back from Pasqual. This [story] has a definite science fiction bend to it that the book didn’t have when last Coipel drew it, so I for one can’t wait to see what he does.”most recently graced the pages of SIEGE will bring this titanic struggle to life.

Of course there’s also the matter of that blockbuster “Thor” movie hitting theaters May 6, an event Fraction, who launched the acclaimed INVINCIBLE IRON MAN in concert with the “Iron Man” film in 2008, plans to capitalize on.

“A wave of civilians will be moved to check the book out, so a clear, clean entry point is always welcome,” he notes. “The first arc of THE MIGHTY THOR is [an] accessible ground floor storyline that veteran readers and neophyte movie fans alike can get into. With characters this great, there’s a reason they’ve lasted so long, why the myths still resonate, why [they] still thrill and move us. All you have to do is honor them and the rest is easy; terrifying, but easy.”

Even as Fraction launches the Thunderer into epic action in THE MIGHTY THOR, he’ll also be spearheading the massive Fear Itself event, in which Asgard proves a key touchstone for a threat that looms over every Marvel hero. Meanwhile, writer Kieron Gillen will inherit the reins on THOR, which goes back to its original title of JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY also beginning in April.

“We’ve got you covered and going 10 ways to Thorsday,” promises Fraction. “THE MIGHTY THOR is colossal cosmic comics. Fear Itself is the epic Thor in the Marvel Universe story to end all Thor in the Marvel Universe stories. And [JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY]

covers everything that Fear Itself doesn’t, [putting] the focus on Loki and the Asgardians during the event.”

If Thor and Asgard can manage to survive the intrusion of Galactus and his loyal herald, what lies ahead for the Aesir and their greatest warrior?

“Pasqual [Ferry] comes back right after ‘The Galactus Seed’ and Fear Itself to tell the story of—well, those are so spoilery not even everyone at Marvel knows what’s up,” teases Fraction. “Anyway, when we get there, you’ll see why nobody else on Earth could draw the tale I’ve got cooking for Professor Ferry.”

Follow the game-changing “World Eaters” in THOR through March and then get ready for THE MIGHTY THOR in April. And don’t forget to check back here shortly for Kieron Gillen talking JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY!

It all sounds great! but whats going to happen to the current Thor ongoing that is written by Fraction! Marvel are due to announce the answers any minute now so stay tuned!

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