Thought Bubble 2013 Roundup

TBUBBS2013 saw an even bigger and better Thought Bubble Festival, with three halls full of amazing art, crafts and knick knacks. We had a great time at the festival and there were so many incredible comics on offer that we thought we should sort through some of our favourites for you.

Improper Books

Improper Books had all their catalogue on offer with Porcelain, Butterfly Gate and Knight and Dragon, as well as a preview of upcoming comic Briar, written by Benjamin Read and drawn by Chris Wildgoose (the team who gave us Porcelain & Butterfly Gate). They produce really beautiful books, all focused on fairy tales with a Gothic flavour.


Butterfly Gate was our favourite. It is a hauntingly beautiful book, full of violent and stunning images, and there is no dialogue at all and it’s wonderful to be able to interpret a story in such a different way. This book played on our minds for days afterwards, we really look forward to seeing how the story progresses.


Cy Dethan and Nic Wilkinson  

This lovely pair had a selection of twisted graphic novels on offer, including new book The Case Files of Harlan Falk, which was a huge success for them. They had to re-stock twice! It’s a great tale looking at madness and monsters we all carry within ourselves. They also had volumes 1 & 2 of Cancertown for sale. This is a truly creepy and disturbing story, it makes Constantine look like Mary Poppins.



Dogooder Comics

Neil Slorance was there with Dungeon Fun #1, an adorable tale of revenge, monsters and a bit of mystery. It is a very, very silly book and we loved it! It’s a comic that smaller kiddies and big adults will love in equal humour.

You can buy the first book here for just £4 and you can read our more detailed review at this link.

Dungeon fun


Rachael Smith

We were enamoured with a selection of  gorgeous comics by the lovely Rachael Smith. Her artwork is bright and fun, especially in her comic I am Fire, a great story about a bored schoolgirl falling in love with a pyromaniac.

We have to give a shout out to Flimsy the kitten too, we love her Flimsy doodles and she gets her own book with Flimsy’s Guide to Modern Living. This book had cute explode all over it! Go buy Rachel’s stuff from her etsy shop


Roller Grrrls

Gary Erskine and Mhairi Stewart were there selling the amazing Roller Grrrls sketchbook and plenty of brightly coloured prints. We love the Roller Grrrls, it”s a great mix of really diverse and lively characters. They really capture the essence of what roller derby is all about… anyone can do it and find themselves in a new supportive family. All the stories/prints/sketches look phenomenal and we can’t wait for more.

Keep up to date with everything Roller Grrrl at their Facebook Page.

roller grrl

Howard Hardiman

Howard’s book The Lengths is bold, harsh and striking. It’s a story born from interviews with male escorts who work across London…and everybody is a dog. Literally, we aren’t being rude! They are all anthropomorphic dogs.

It’s an unflinching comic and an absolutely fascinating read, this is a book everyone should own. It gives such a fascinating insight into the life and inner thoughts of sex workers here in the UK. It has some really poignant and moving moments in it too.


The Phoenix Comic

The Phoenix stand was always busy! They had so much going on, we loved the drawing table, which was always full of excited kids scribbling away.

The Phoenix comic is a weekly serial packed full of zany, funny and really engaging stories. It’s aimed at kids (finally!) but has plenty to keep all us older kids entertained too.

They have just reached their landmark 100th issue. With so many issues on offer there was a lot to choose from, we particularly enjoy the Haggis and Quail stories from Dan Boultwood, lots of zany creatures and funny jokes.

You can buy a subscription and make someone SUPER happy this Christmas.


Finally…We know this is a book round up, but we couldn’t resist giving a shout out to our favourite cosplay of the weekend this AMAZING  pairing of Saga characters The Will and Lying Cat. (thanks @OKComics for the photo)


Reporter: Sara Westrop

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