Thoughts on First Trailer for “Bitten” Coming to Space and SyFy

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Previously, I mentioned how the Space and SyFy series Bitten had finished filming. Now, a little over a month later, SyFy has released the poster and first official trailer for the series.

This is the official released summary for the series as reported via The Hollywood News:

‘As someone who spent much of her childhood in the foster system, Elena (Vandervoort) had always craved a “normal” life and thought she finally found it with her boyfriend Clayton Danvers (Holt). But the secret life he kept from her ended up changing her own life forever. With one bite, Elena was forced to survive within the Pack as a werewolf. Still craving the normal life she lost, Elena takes refuge in Toronto working as a photographer and dating a new man. Hiding her werewolf existence from her ad-exec boyfriend Phillip McAdams (Greene), Elena is pulled back into her former life when bodies turn up in the backwoods of Stonehaven, the rural mansion that has been home to the Pack for generations. Caught between two worlds and two loves, Elena returns to Stonehaven out of duty, offering her support to Clay’s surrogate father and leader of the Pack Jeremy Danvers (Bryk). But once back in the fold, Elena realizes that when push comes to shove she’ll stop at nothing to defend and protect her Pack’.

Additionally here’s the Bitten first look trailer

My first impressions are mixed. On the good side, I think the effects are decent enough, and I like that they’ve worked hard to make her first transformation as painful and contorted as possible. Second, it does look like it’s a mature show with its share of sex and violence and isn’t going to cater to a tween audience or a Twilight crowd, but, instead, it looks like it’ll be mature and dark as the source novels tend to be. I also think that Laura Vandervoort has come far from her Smallville days as Kara Kent and has an edge and a danger to her and her performance that could make for a compelling lead.

Also, this may be beyond cheesy of me, but I actually love the tagline for the show. You go, big blonde wolf!

That said, I can see some problems that might hurt the show a bit. First, the effects do work to try and show the pain of the transformation, but they’re still clearly limited by their budget and it’s a bit cheesy CGI. This didn’t ruin Teen Wolf for me, however, so cheap wolf transformation effects aren’t a dealbreaker for me or for most wolf fans. My other complaint may be more as a fan of Armstrong’s books and may also be knee-jerk from a few seconds of dialogue. However, I don’t like the actor for Clayton/the wolf who turned Elena. He’s not got the right look (in the book he’s blond and curly haired) and the show made the decision early on to forego the Louisiana upbringing and bayou accent. I think that’s a huge mistake, but I can maybe learn to like this version of Clayton. I just feel the preview hasn’t sold me on him yet at all. Finally, I also feel like I’m not loving the pack leader/Jeremy yet either. He’s a lot older looking  here than he’s described in the books and comes off from the preview as a bit nebbish and quiet. I hope this again is a first impression from the trailer that doesn’t pan out in practice.

Overall, I give this three out of five howls. I’m excited to see the series and think Laura Vandervoort looks ready to kick some serious serial killer ass!

Reporter: Margaret Bates

Sources:  The Hollywood News, FantasyGate


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