THQ Announce their EuroGamer Expo line-up!

More EuroGamer Expo news this week with THQ announcing their line-up for the Expo! Fans of the Publisher will get the chance to play 3 of the most anticipated games of the year!

For me, the biggest title on the line-up is Saints Row the Third.  The footage we’ve seen so far has looked great and loads of fun! The Saints are now celebrities and loved by the public, the only thing stopping them now is a rival crime family called The Syndicate (no connection, honest).

WWE ’12 will also be showcased, so fans can play as their favorite wrestlers and try out the new features, including ‘Predator Technology’ and ‘Limb targeting’. The ‘Smackdown Vs. Raw’ tagline has now been dropped, so it will be interesting to see how that affects the campaign mode.

And finally, the latest addition in the Warhammer 40,000 series will be playable on the show floor. Space Marine, a third-person shooter, pits players as Captain Titus who must lead his troops into battle and save a Forge World from the clutches of an Ork hoard.

Rupert Loman, Managing Director of Eurogamer had this to say:

 We’re delighted that THQ is bringing so many amazing titles to this year’s Expo, giving gamers the chance to play the likes of Saints Row well before release. We’re also thrilled that some of their top development talent will be presenting at the Developer Sessions, and we’re looking forward to confirming those games in the near future.

GS Reporter: Tom

Source: EuroGamer Press Release

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